Top 5 Calendar Designs Of All Time

01. Stendig Wall Calendar

The reason to buy Stendig calendar is always purely as design statement for the interior. It is not useful as much as it is beautiful. Combination of elemets that are the icon of modernism. Such as typeface Helvetica, black and white colors, grid system. It is the only calendar in the collection of MoMA.

02. Formosa Calendar

Formosa is a wall calendar with an aluminium back plate that supports the removable sheets of pvc that make up the date. The font used in the black and red version is Helvetica and the piece is one of the classic pieces of the collaboration between Mari and Danese Milano.

03. MAX 365 Calendar

Created by Massimo Vignelli for Nava Design in 1975 this perpetual wall calendar is a minimalist classic. Made of gloss coated paper, the Max 365 features large white letters against a simple black background, a timeless combination that make it stylish and versatile.

04. Calendone Calendar

Designed by Pino Tovaglia, created in 1975. Similarly to MAX365 design, it only features numbers. This time, however, big bold serif numbers on white background.

05. Kal Calendar

Recent product by Stanisław Czarnocki. Fundraised on Kickstarter. A minimalistic, perpetual wall calendar made of a metal base and six double-sided paper sheets you can write on.

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